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TSP-1 Pre Amplifier, like the SSP-1 preamplifier, is a Single Ended, loaded by an Output Transformer, triode design.  

Dual mono design with 2 separated circuits in a single chassis.

Dedicated Linear Power supplies for every channel. Power Supply decoupling per load.

Custom-designed EI, low-loss lamination transformers, and custom-designed chokes, both for the High Voltage and the Low Voltage supplies. 

4 input selector

Shunt attenuator – Volume, with Remote Control

Parallel 12AU7 Single Ended topology gain stage, transformer loaded. 

Output Transformer – TLA’s special designed, hand wounded output transformer with very good linearity. Following TLA’s long tradition in Audio Transformers.

High-quality PCBs. All boards are hand-assembledSingle-Ended. All parts of the amplifier are hand-wired.   

Highest quality components are used throughout the circuit. Each component is handpicked, tested and matched to serve the design.

Technical Information

  • Maximum Voltage Input: 1 Vrms

  • Input Impedance: 140K Maximum – 40K Minimum 

  • Gain: 12 dB

  • Frequency Bandwidth:  80KHz 

  • Tubes used: 

    • 2 X 12AU7

  • Voltage Options (Factory Set):  

    • 230-240VAC

    • 110-120VAC

  • Fuses (5x20mm): 

    • 2 X T 500mA (Slow Blow): 220V-240 VAC

    • 2 X T 1A   (Slow Blow): 110-120 VAC

  • Color Options (Front Plate):

    • Silver

    • Black

  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D):  440 X 192 (with feet) X 430 mm

  • Unit Weight:  28 Kg

  • Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 550 X 300 X 550mm

  • Shipping Weight:  38 Kg


PDF document

TSP-1 User's Manual

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