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TSI-300 Integrated Amplifier, is a hybrid design, designed to capture the TLA sound and capabilities in a single chassis.

2 Tube preamplifiers driving 2 Solid state power amplifiers. All in one chassis. 

Separate Linear Power supplies.

First power supply is using a custom designed EI, low loss lamination transformer and custom designed choke. It supplies the High Voltage and the Heater Voltage required for the 12AU7 tube front stages. Special power supply decoupling per channel is implemented. 

The second power supply is using a unique custom designed UI, low loss lamination transformer. Combined with high speed rectification and quality filter capacitors delivers dual polarity voltage and high current needed for the solid state and output sections. 

4 input selector

Input signal transformer is used and contributes the TLA transformer’s magic to the sound.

Shunt attenuator – Volume – Remote Control

The audio signal is then connected to a 12AU7 Tube gain stage followed by a 12AU7 tube buffer.

Ultra linear solid-state circuitry takes over further amplification of the signal and delivers the signal to current amplifier circuit that delivers the power to the load. Only bipolar transistors are used in the circuit. Semiconductors, as well as resistors and capacitors, are closely matched.

There is only one high-quality film capacitor in the signal path from input to output.

A Mosfet protection circuit is used to connect the load to the amplifier. After power-up the protection circuit will wait approx 13 sec before connecting the amp to the speaker, giving time to the tube heaters to warm up. 

DC fault protection and high temp protection.

High-quality PCBs. All boards are hand-assembled. All parts of the amplifier are hand-wired.   

Highest quality components are used throughout the circuit. Each component is handpicked, tested, and matched to serve the design.

Technical Information

  • Maximum Voltage Input: 1 Vrms

  • Output Power:  2 X300W RMS @ 4Ohm, 2 X 150W RMS @ 8Ohm 

  • Input Impedance: 140K Maximum – 40K Minimum 

  • Gain: 30 dB

  • Frequency Bandwidth:  300KHz 

  • Tubes used: 

    • 2 X 12AU7

  • Voltage Options (Factory Set):  

    • 230-240VAC

    • 110-120VAC

  • Fuses (5x20mm): 

    • 2 X T3.15A (Slow Blow): 220V-240 VAC

    • 2 X T6.3A   (Slow Blow): 110-120 VAC

  • Color Options (Front Plate):

    • Silver

    • Black

  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D):  500 X 252 (with feet) X 520 mm

  • Unit Weight:  55 Kg

  • Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 610 X 300 X 620mm

  • Shipping Weight:  65 Kg


PDF document

TSI-300 User's Manual

Feel the richness of the harmonies

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