True Series

TSA - 300
Stereo Power Amplifier, based on SSA-350 Mono Blocks, designed to deliver exceptional sound to difficult loads. Dual Mono Design. Tube single ended input stage (12AU7) driving an ultra linear solid state stage and solid state current amplifier.
TSA 300 1
TSI-300 Integrated Amplifier, is a hybrid design, designed to capture thε TLA sound and capabilities in a single chassis. 2 Tube preamplifiers driving 2 Solid state power amplifiers. All in one chassis.
TSP 1 1
TSP-1 Pre Amplifier, like the SSP-1 preamplifier, is a Single Ended, loaded by an Output Transformer, triode design. Dual mono design with 2 separated circuits in a single chassis.
TSP 1 1