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SSP-1 is a purist approach, Stereo tube preamplifier.

Pure class A, transformer coupled, Single Ended circuit build around two NOS 6J5 tubes.

Tube Rectifier power supply build around a NOS GZ32.

2 Chassis design. One for power supply circuits and one for Audio signal. 

Dual Mono Design for both signal and power supply circuits, achieves total channel isolation and separation.

Output Transformers: Premium quality, using high-purity enameled copper wire and high-quality, ultra-linear lamination from Hitachi metals.

Power transformer: Premium quality, using high-purity enameled copper wire and using high-quality lamination, achieving ultra-low losses.

Choke: Premium quality, using high-purity enameled copper wire and high-quality lamination.

4 inputs selector.

48-stepped attenuator volume with remote control.

High-purity copper solid-core conductor is used for all wiring in both Signal and Power supply units.

Technical Information

  • Maximum Voltage Output: 20 Vrms

  • Input Impedance:  100K

  • Output Impedance:  220R

  • Voltage Gain:  12dB

  • Frequency Bandwidth: 10Hz-110kHz 

  • Tubes: 4 X 6J5 & 2 X GZ32

  • Voltage Options (Factory Set): 

    • 230-240VAC

    • 110-120VAC

  • Fuses (size 5x20mm): 

    • T315mA (Slow Blow): for 230V-240 VAC mains

    • T500mA(Slow Blow): for 110-120VAC mains

  • Color Options of both units (Front Plate):

    • Silver

    • Black

  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) :440 X 192 (with feet)X 445 mm Each Unit

  • Unit Weight: Power supply Unit: 30K, Signal Unit: 26 Kg 

  • Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D):550 X 260X 530mm Each Unit

  • Shipping Weight: Power supply Unit: 36K, Signal Unit: 32 Kg


PDF document

SSP-1 Manual

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