Even at this price level, the leading edges of tones or sharp stacks could be rounded, preventing the music from spreading to its full potential. Without such drawbacks and in contrast, the SSA-300 is capable of delivering the entire frequency spectrum without any particular frequency jumps and without smearing the pinpoint projection of localization.

The True Life Audio flagship hybrids not only allowed for a higher-than-expected level of anchor points, which is crucial for the formation of properly positioned and believably shaped instruments and performances. SSA-300 threw a sonic and musical spectacle that is hard to forget. The musical energy was never stifled, or taken away from the richness of the harmonies, nor the variety of timbre of the instruments.

Part Time Audiophile: Review for SSA-300 and SSP-1

Then it came to the other usual issue with tube and hybrid tube–SS designs, the treble extension. Many if not the majority of tube designs suffer from roll off and this would be inexcusable for such a pricey set, the problem usually relies in the preamplification and the output transformers connecting it to the power amps. No way you would believe this is a hybrid combo while auditioning Anna Netrebko in Donizetti’s Ancor Non Giunse!..Regnava Nel Silenzio from Lucia di Lammermoor. The harp intro was so tactile and life-like, let me get back to this in a bit, and Anna’s divine voice sounded crystal clear in all her amazing trills. I came to think that the True Life Audio set sounded more neutral and as extended as my ASR Emitter I exclusive amplifier, on par with the most celebrated solid state designs from CH Precision and Soulution...

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Part Time Audiophile: Best Preamplifiers

“Achieving this delicate balance between the warm and the neutral, the mighty and the intimate is a rare feat, one that sets apart the True Life Audio SSP-1 from the pack....

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Part Time Audiophile: Best Amplifiers

What a pair of beasts these TLA amps are–and they’ll play louder and go deeper than just about any other high-end audio amplifier...

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